Storks Bring Memories and Happiness

Gandrai“The white stork (gandras) is usually felt to be the national bird of Lithuania. Lithuanians believe that storks bring harmony to the families on whose property they nest; they have also kept up the tradition of telling their children that storks bring babies. Stork Day is celebrated on March 25 with various archaic rituals: gifts for children, attributed to the storks, such as fruits, chocolates, pencils, and dyed eggs, are hung on tree branches and fences; snakes are caught, killed and buried under the doorstep; straw fires are lit. Notably, Lithuania is a beneficial and important habitat for these birds: it has the highest known nesting density in the world.” And here is a nice blog post on Lithuania’s storks by Mark Hamblin. Over 20,000 white storks were recorded in Lithuania in 2009.

After yesterday’s post on returning storks in Lithuania, and my memories on the injured stork which we fed some bacon bits, my dearest sister dug up my childhood picture- the injured stork in my grandpa’s arms.

Pictured above: me, my grandpa, and my dad on our farm. Photo capture by my uncle Raimundas. Circa 1981-83? The wooden shed was later replaced with a gray brick summer kitchen, which I secretly painted and got in trouble. Grandpa is standing on the path that leads from the house to the well. Behind my dad is a sauna building. To the right of my dad, the field for rotating crops and the apple orchard. Straight ahead – the swampy area that we called “Puddle” where the storks would go frogging. Each little corner, each little bush, each tree, each grain of sand, each rock, engrained in my memory, so close, as if it all happened just yesterday.

Thank you, thank you, and happy birthday to my dearest friend of all, my sister!! You made my day.



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7 Responses to Storks Bring Memories and Happiness

  1. That picture is wonderful! I would sure love to see those storks someday 🙂

    • BeeHappee says:

      Thank you! I do have great memories of taking care of some wildlife, the stork, the hedgehogs that used to visit, and a baby deer. Have you watched with kids Toads and Frogs: Max’s Magical Journey, Dutch film? One of our favorites, and reminds me of my childhood.
      Interesting, that only now I learned that Lithuania has the most dense stork nesting population. So much for schooling, right, I had to memorize rivers of South America, but did not know about my country’s storks. .

  2. laminija says:

    Thank YOU for sharing all theese memories! Here is a link where you can watch and follow the daily life of the strok nest live video, still empty now –

  3. smcasson says:

    Great story and a really neat picture. My grandmother had a story about her grandfather (in Wales) who had a songbird perch on his shoulder regularly. We have a picture of him with the bird and her as a girl by his side looking at the bird. Guess that would have been the 1920s (!)
    It’s cool how you have such vivid memories. I cannot remember but scraps of my childhood. I made a decision to forget it a long time ago.

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