Sharing Woods at Sunset

deerWalking in the woods last night, we watched a family of five deer grazing on some sweet and soft green growth. One approached us as we squatted on the forest path, she curiously looked at us for a while, then darted off west, into the sunlit sky, looking back every few steps. And when we walked back after the sun set, we could not see them, just a couple white tails in the black sweeping up and down as they ran.



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Where have all the bees gone? Where have all the flowers gone?
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6 Responses to Sharing Woods at Sunset

  1. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Excellent shots!
    Makes me glad I’m a vegetarian! (My in-laws are a bunch of avid hunters… and they think I’m odd.)

    • BeeHappee says:

      Thank you. Nicest thing was that the deer approached us, starting walking toward curiously. I realize this is at Morton Arboretum and they are used to people and traffic.
      My friends used to give us some good homemade venison meat sticks. and although I do like venison, and am a pretty good shot in a range, I never went hunting, and would probably have hard time shooting a deer. It is this difficult spot to be in, a feeling someplace between survival instinct somehow ingrained in my genes and compassion at a higher level. I had not found a good answer. I have a friend who was a vegetarian for a long time, and then when she got pregnant, she had to have meat, she said the need was so bad, she could have easily hunted every live creature in the woods. 🙂 Maybe we have stages of being a deer, a tiger, and a vulture.

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