My Friends


Moment drops are my friends
Small, unseen, ignored, scolded,
forgotten, given away.
A blond three year old
At crowded airport gate.
She was my friend for eternity,
Waiting by the luggage on the floor.
She gave me a hug, asked to kiss her hand,
We played ball,
Then she flew with her dad.

A boy by the bridge,
Over the rocky creek.
He asked for more rocks
To build a dam.
Go under the bridge for rocks, he asked me
You go, I’ll watch, I dare you, I replied
He went under, grabbed the biggest rock.
Thanks for daring me! He shouted sincerely,
And ran off to build his dam.

A girl with a pink coat, golden braids
On a yellow park slide.
Can you catch me?
Look what I can do!
I am sliding backwards!
I caught her and her shoe fell off.
Can I be friendsΒ  with your daughter? She asked.
Yes, sure, but how about me?
Ok! she waved in agreement
And ran off with my kids

These are my friends
The moments of hugs and joy
Like river flow
No forcing and no resistance
Their smiling fearless faces
Stay so near



About BeeHappee

Where have all the bees gone? Where have all the flowers gone?
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16 Responses to My Friends

  1. bobraxton says:

    dream-like (positive) quality: No forcing and no resistance

  2. Eumaeus says:

    “I got a million friends” used to be my answering machine message when I was in high school. It was Dylan’s voice from I Shall Be Free No. 10 …

    sometimes thinking is believing

    or there’s this

    “The result of this deception
    Is very strange to tell
    For when I fool the people I fear
    I fool myself as well”

    Little whistler, be happy

    • BeeHappee says:

      hehe, funny about your answering machine. We were listening to I Shall Be Free No. 10 recently in the car, and my 4 year old found it very funny.
      Yes, indeed, You may be as brave as you make believe you are. Thanks for your support, as always, my friend. πŸ™‚

      • bobraxton says:

        I (carpentry) built a murphy bed etc. at Randy’s apartment NYC Upper East Side (before or soon afer 1970). His phone answering: “You know the drill”

        • BeeHappee says:

          And so you all were high-tech back in the 1970s. πŸ™‚ We did not have answering machines in my times, and truthfully my parents did not even have one 2 years ago, until they nixed house phone and just went with cell phones. They’d say: why do you need to talk to us if we are not here?
          There are tons of pages these days with compilations of funny answering machine messages.

          “In 1935, Willy MΓΌller invented the world’s first automatic answering machine. It was a three-foot-tall machine popular with Orthodox Jews who were forbidden to answer the phone on the Sabbath.” πŸ™‚

  3. smcasson says:

    Wow you sound really good with kids. I’m not that great…

    • BeeHappee says:

      πŸ™‚ I am sure you are. They do like me, cause I let them do whatever they want. Sometimes I worry it would freak their parents out, they like me too much, like the little girl at the airport. πŸ™‚ When I first came to this country, I worked as a nanny for a while, I liked the kids, but had other things on my mind at age 20. We did some parent-child programs and since my baby was smallest, I ended up hanging around all the kids while parents all talked to each other, and seemed like kids world was more fun to be in than adults world. πŸ™‚

      Some people are just so good with kids and you can see that usually they are just really happy people. Last night I am walking with my boy around town, it was 9pm, dark, he is waving to all people at a coffee shop. Then he starts smelling herbs by small family owned eatery place, the owner was inside vacuuming. The owner smiles, comes out, asks us to come in, shows my boy all the scented plants they have, ten different types of scented geraniums his wife is growing (they grow their own ingredients), lets my kid pluck all of those plants and smell them all, and bring a ton home, and shows my kid all around the store, all just genuinely excited about sharing with a kid his experiences and life stories – while he could have been finishing his vacuuming. πŸ™‚

      • smcasson says:

        Ha, that sounds great. Fun time at the eatery. My coworker said the same thing, all the parents were talking amongst themselves and he was out playing w the kids. His contention: look how much fun you’re missing out on having with your kid! And I agree; I have so much fun playing with the kiddos but don’t get many opportunities to play with mine plus others.

      • smcasson says:

        I worry a little about freaking parents out too… Lots of crazy mama bears.

      • David says:

        I think you’re right about kids gravitating toward happy people. Also, toward people who are authentic or genuine, what you see is the same as what’s below the surface, no hiding and no pretense. Young children (and animals, for that matter) can definitely tell the difference, and they choose honesty and authenticity.

        Also, hooray for that wonderful man at the eatery! πŸ™‚

  4. Bill says:

    The innocent joy of a child is a wonder to behold. “Look what I can do! I’m sliding backwards!” We all ought to slide backwards more often.

  5. smilecalm says:

    beautiful friendships
    expressed πŸ™‚

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