Happy Springing


Happy Meteorological Spring! Photos above from last April in northern Illinois.



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13 Responses to Happy Springing

  1. shoreacres says:

    That’s a buttercup in your first photo! I’ve seen so many here this year — they’re lush, right now. What I didn’t realize is that they can grow up to a foot tall, if the mowing machines leave them alone. And of course that last photo is a delight. Come for the hat, but stay for the smile. 🙂

    • BeeHappee says:

      Yes, in fact in this batch of pics I had some tall buttercups. And when buttercups come out, kids want to play ‘ring around the rosy… cows are in the meadows, eating buttercups…’ 🙂 It snowed yesterday all day, and all is white now. Buttercups still sleeping.

  2. Beautiful.. Happy Spring!!.. Loved the photo’s.. Here in the UK today you wouldn’t think it was the first day of Spring.. lol.. But we are on the right side now and I am smiling 🙂

  3. gatheringplaceseasonfour says:

    close and beautiful

  4. The squirrelshot!! Wonderful! We’re expecting a handful more inches of snow here… But that’s because temperatures are rising!

    • BeeHappee says:

      Snowed all night here, all is white, I think kids are busting out the sled again, February teased with spring, but March is never boring here, it surprises you every day. 🙂 But yes, to live in Sweden is not for the wimps.

  5. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Beautiful pictures. Is that a chipmunk? Very cute. I’m hoping for 2 more snows here before spring. We really need more. The birds are talking about spring, though.

    • BeeHappee says:

      Yes, Mary, chipmunk poking out her curious head. I like that photo, because chipmunk friend seems to have quite a personality. I will take whatever comes, let the skies decide. Thank you, and stay warm! 🙂

  6. Michael says:

    There’s a feeling in the Earth your photos bring to light. It is amazing when the seasons fade one into the next. There’s a transition we can feel in our own being, and even though you can’t put your finger on it all the time, it’s there in the air and the earth, the way the birds move and talk. I was at a meeting Friday afternoon and when it concluded we stepped out of the brick building into the parking lot. There were snow geese whizzing past, with much to say. I commented on their displeasure with recent events– a warm period followed by a sudden inversion to sub-freezing temperatures for a day or two. It’s like God is sending them on errands all over the place, and they were voicing their discontentedness with the system. But fly they did. Always knowing how to respond, whether they like it or not… That is the marvel of nature to me, or one of them. So much ancient understanding bound up in our biology and our dimly lit DNA. Nature knows how to respond perfectly, and quick as a wink.

    Meteorological spring feels like one of our arbitrary human attempts at enforcing the world to conform to our ideas of neat and tidy, but I’ll take it. 🙂


    • BeeHappee says:

      Thank you very much for leaving your impressions, Michael. Snow geese. . . I do not recall seeing any around here even in passing. Must be a beautiful sight. Three snows came and went the first week of March, and appears we are probably done for the season. Bogs were brimming with greenery this weekend.
      For whatever reason, we used to abide by meteorological spring in Europe instead of astronomical, so when I came here, it was hard for me to understand, why Americans stick to this confusing March 20th Spring, in addition to all this non-metric mess. 🙂 Till I finally came to accept (almost) that neither 1st nor 20th mean anything, and nature makes her own numbers.

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