Simple Questions


Dear Grandma,
My children now ask so many questions:
Does a gazillion have a gazillion zeros?
Do skunks make soup from skunk cabbage?
Do potatoes have so many eyes
to see better in the dark?
Fish sharing food with friends,
is that a feeding friendzy?

Why not, I reply. Why not.

Some days, like a child,
I have more questions than answers.

Did Sebastião Salgado
Plant two million trees
On the hillsides of Brazil
To house the souls
Of two million perished
He witnessed in Rwanda?

If we dropped the guns off our shoulders,
Would we have enough strength
To carry an owl, a book, and a shovel
For planting an orchard,
For building a park,
For laughing with children?

If radiation in Fukushima
Can be so strong as to pulverize
Steel robots into non-existence…
Can Love transmit super particles
That vaporize hate and fear
Around us?

Dear Grandma,
When Google and Quora
When YouTube and Big Tube
Fail with the answers…
Will you know? Will you show us?

Why not, she replies. Why not.



About BeeHappee

Where have all the bees gone? Where have all the flowers gone?
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14 Responses to Simple Questions

  1. Hariod Brawn says:

    I feel certain she does know, Kristina, quite certain.

    • BeeHappee says:

      Thank you for your affirmation, Hariod, I really appreciate it.
      P.S. I read your great earlier discussion with Michael about the afterlife’s existence/non-existence. Very interesting piece.

  2. Michael says:

    I think these wholesale information outlets have a great many opinions, and a great many facts as well. But these are not really our answers. It doesn’t matter what happened if we can’t understand why. I do think Love transmits super particles. (I call it sunlight… 🙂 ) I’m starting to enjoy my answers without the facts so much these days. As perhaps your grandmother might…


    • BeeHappee says:

      Sunlight had been showing mercy on us a small doze every day in between the rains, and your words, Michael, are like messengers from sun, always filled with dancing light.
      I was emotionally overwhelmed from a few social documentaries I watched, namely, “Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh”, and “Salt of the Earth” on the work of Sebastião Salgado, and then the election primaries in Illinois today only make one feel completely powerless. So thanks to your wonderful teachings, I stood there in the voting booth, whispering just one simple question to myself: “What would Hafiz do?” 🙂

  3. Oww…. don’t know why, but this one has a bitter sweet sting to it.

  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    I love this Kristina! Love it! From the fun little questions to the big profound ones. I agree with Hariod. Quite certain she knows and will show you in some very loving way.

    • BeeHappee says:

      Thank you Mary. I think, behind this poem, I was feeling that there is no difference between little and big/profound. How is one person saying “I am better than someone/something else” different from a massive genocide. I am blessed, to be watching up close, in my personal life, how this hate and separation develops, grows, consumes, spreads. And so we are challenged to just stand, to not feed the monster, to not oppose it so it can vanish as Lao Tzu says, – which is quite a challenging practice for me. Unless we accept that the so-called unfathomable acts come from the very us, from the seed in ourselves, we have no chance reducing the pain.
      Peace to you, Mary,

      • Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

        Yes. Wise words, Kristina Bee. It is a challenging practice, and one I aspire to as well. It makes me Happee knowing that there are other children like yours growing up with that wisdom. It must be so interesting to see it begin…the separation…and not feed the monster certainly, but to not oppose it either, which only serves to enlarge it. What a wonderful mom you are. ❤

  5. Great thought provokers here Kristina..
    One day Kristina I hope LOVE supercharges every particle of the Human Spirit.. Loved what Grandma Knows Best.. and to those other questions.. Why they are not important.. ❤ love and caring is all that matters within the world of family..

  6. jules says:

    Oh Bee! I love this!!

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