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Sides of Fathers

“You are just like your father!” My mother used to say (insert a dab of guilt soaked Oy Vey Eastern European coloration here). “You have this side your father has,” she would sigh in a colossal disappointment. And I would … Continue reading

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Storks Bring Memories and Happiness

“The white stork (gandras) is usually felt to be the national bird of Lithuania. Lithuanians believe that storks bring harmony to the families on whose property they nest; they have also kept up the tradition of telling their children that … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Farm

We spent Saturday on a farm, hoped to see baby lambs, but so far only one was born, and she was a month old already. Nevertheless, we had fun. Lessons learned: Cats love beef jerky, especially expensive one, just my … Continue reading

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