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Poor Man’s Ingenuity

This is an old photo of my baby sister and I, 1982, Lithuania. My favorite part — the ladybugs on my knees. They are not for decoration, although I definitely think they are cute. In those days, we wore our … Continue reading

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Those Were the Days of Colorado Beetles

This will be long, and potentially boring, so grab some coffee and brace yourself. . . I was not so popular with the crowd when I was a kid. A geek, too skinny, too tall, too goofy, too shy, wearing … Continue reading

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Drinking Pepsi with Nikita

This is a sequel to my Standing in Line with Nikita post. I am reading K Blows the Top by Peter Carlson. It is a darkly comic history of Khrushchev’s trip to America. Quite a treat for me to see … Continue reading

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Standing in Line with Nikita

I was at Trader Joe’s the other night stocking up on groceries for a week. Cashier insisted on packing up the stuff although I usually bag it myself. He was pretty good too, acrobatically amazing I should say, so I … Continue reading

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