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Thank You, Lord, for the Rain

Thirty Springs of Winter The winds swept in as we sat under the pines and listened to the green ocean high above, swaying, roaring, twirling our hair and the heads of the Ponderosas into one giant tangled mess. This ocean … Continue reading

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Unfortunately, befriended

They were playing a game of opposition plastic animals arranged neatly on two sides, marching. Fortunately, they followed vague chess rules, counting their moves, giggling, chanting. Unfortunately, he decided to create super killers wiping out half of her brown cow … Continue reading

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Beatitudes in Tiny Tiptoes

I was walking at Trader Joe’s Looking at onions, maybe avocados, when I heard the tiniest voice behind me: I love your hair! I turned around, and there, gleaming, was a small blond-haired pumpkin, white-rimed glasses, pink coat and a … Continue reading

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A Letter to My Sister

Dear Nell, Remember when I used to keep you up all night because I saw beasts In dark doorways. So I held your hand. Last night, Mikhail Baryshnikov came, uninvited, he soared from southern window Where the moon swivels, to … Continue reading

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My Friends

Moment drops are my friends Small, unseen, ignored, scolded, forgotten, given away. A blond three year old At crowded airport gate. She was my friend for eternity, Waiting by the luggage on the floor. She gave me a hug, asked … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Farm

We spent Saturday on a farm, hoped to see baby lambs, but so far only one was born, and she was a month old already. Nevertheless, we had fun. Lessons learned: Cats love beef jerky, especially expensive one, just my … Continue reading

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