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Playing the Now Game

Play The NOW GAME, they say. It cures fright, worry and guilt. So I play. Walk into the family room. There, children drizzled candle wax over the floor. Just to check if it would be slippery, they say. With a … Continue reading

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Beatitudes in Tiny Tiptoes

I was walking at Trader Joe’s Looking at onions, maybe avocados, when I heard the tiniest voice behind me: I love your hair! I turned around, and there, gleaming, was a small blond-haired pumpkin, white-rimed glasses, pink coat and a … Continue reading

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Bird Songs

Sing a song of happiness, With pocket full of cry. Four and twenty poems, Drawn on winter’s sky. When the spells were broken, The words began to dance. Wasn’t that a noble feast To jump and take a chance. Men … Continue reading

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