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All is right with the world

It happened on the day when snowy crickets announced the temperature of rising sun. It really happened! Children. Ceased. All. Fighting. I sneaked through silent house sniffing the air for burning scraps of food. Listening in if they were watching … Continue reading

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600 Doubts

Green Mountains burn at the edges today. September sumac gone fast ablaze, Mount Ellen royal in her golden strings, we travel through New England fog eyes fixed on this snow rising up with the day. Somewhere under there, is one rusty … Continue reading

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What we learned in business school

Marveling at children stringing seeds for the birds, today, I thought of Farid. Farid sat next to me in Accounting class. And in Project Management, we ran a fictitious company together, (sounds like headline news, doesn’t it?) The three of … Continue reading

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How we pray

  Grandpa sat at the round Dinner table, always on his sacred southwest side, where no one but him would sit. He would hold a brick solid loaf of dark rye bread against his chest cradled like a baby almost, … Continue reading

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The Path of Least Resistance

I was so mad at God that I couldn’t quite recall if it was him who started with the arrows at me, or vice versa. I just grumbled, well, if you are so mean, If you shut all the doors … Continue reading

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