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Senses of Love

How else would you decide to try to lick your elbow upon an early morning, or measure thumb against your middle finger when he shouts: mommy, look, they are same size! And would you hear the souls of streams in … Continue reading

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Beatitudes in Tiny Tiptoes

I was walking at Trader Joe’s Looking at onions, maybe avocados, when I heard the tiniest voice behind me: I love your hair! I turned around, and there, gleaming, was a small blond-haired pumpkin, white-rimed glasses, pink coat and a … Continue reading

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Monkeys and Tails

Sometimes, poems do reveal just their tails. Then I nudge gently To figure out what’s in front. You blink for a moment And it may be gone. Pull too hard And it will run away. This one was fuzzy and … Continue reading

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Among Trees and Butterflies

Last time we took the map. Circled spots were laid out clear: Find fifteen gnomes, find Joy. Only the maps mislead Arrows pointing at him and at her in a labyrinth of self-destruction We tore the maps, and then, lo … Continue reading

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Completely Repainted

That nature’s paintbrush always comes down sooner than you expect, colors faster than your eye can catch, erases in one big swoop, catches you off-guard, repaints the whole canvas yet again, and you start digging through some moth infested bags … Continue reading

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Winter Coat Designs

We hunt like cats with tails Fisheye squinting for frogs. Yet fate designs its own Below the visible surface. So we blend and mesh it all, love and a dash of smiles, A hurry of racing, And a thrill of … Continue reading

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My Friends

Moment drops are my friends Small, unseen, ignored, scolded, forgotten, given away. A blond three year old At crowded airport gate. She was my friend for eternity, Waiting by the luggage on the floor. She gave me a hug, asked … Continue reading

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Where it Never Rains

Somewhere under yesterday’s sorrows and tomorrow’s hungry wishes, In between bright kissing daylight And slowly weeping sunset melt, On top of the hills of what was and under the clouds of what’s to come, You have a place Where it … Continue reading

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