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The Wind on the Baltic

The crow flew by and the feather dropped; And the boy took the feather, To write prayers in sand. The winds left the sea and they kissed the sands, and the words dissolved, and the feather flew, and the birches … Continue reading

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May in Lithuania

We climb the greenest hills to listen to a cuckoo bird. And doodlebugs in giant swarms, Children’s delight. Bird cherries dressed in bride-like white with lilacs by the side of drying clothes on lines like prayer cloths above the crumbled … Continue reading

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Ways we held the sky

You wrote me a letter about things we lose in forgetfulness pockets, but hold. Like back when I laid in the tall summer grass, praying mantis on my eyelashes holding up blue sky. And when grandma sheered the sheep, soft … Continue reading

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How we pray

  Grandpa sat at the round Dinner table, always on his sacred southwest side, where no one but him would sit. He would hold a brick solid loaf of dark rye bread against his chest cradled like a baby almost, … Continue reading

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