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All is right with the world

It happened on the day when snowy crickets announced the temperature of rising sun. It really happened! Children. Ceased. All. Fighting. I sneaked through silent house sniffing the air for burning scraps of food. Listening in if they were watching … Continue reading

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Senses of Love

How else would you decide to try to lick your elbow upon an early morning, or measure thumb against your middle finger when he shouts: mommy, look, they are same size! And would you hear the souls of streams in … Continue reading

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Simple Questions

Dear Grandma, My children now ask so many questions: Does a gazillion have a gazillion zeros? Do skunks make soup from skunk cabbage? Do potatoes have so many eyes to see better in the dark? Fish sharing food with friends, … Continue reading

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Love is Everywhere


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Unfortunately, befriended

They were playing a game of opposition plastic animals arranged neatly on two sides, marching. Fortunately, they followed vague chess rules, counting their moves, giggling, chanting. Unfortunately, he decided to create super killers wiping out half of her brown cow … Continue reading

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Heartfulness Dimensions

We walk the length of life Measuring mornings behind and in front Filling up on birthday cakes, yet hungry. Someone plays a song somewhere and the melody beckons To stretch wide, float over each rolling hill Trust that acceleration laying … Continue reading

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Moon Pretzels

In late evenings, She lays and wonders If she has a Moon for a Heart. It thins, thins, thins, Into a graceful crescent, To only be New yet again. Then fills, fills, fills, Into baby-faced Full Revealing in front of … Continue reading

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Spells and Honey

  I think Mary Oliver put a spell on me When I was reading “Watering the Stones” to my girl The one where the stones drink and sometimes talk. Or maybe it was a scarf of light She borrowed from … Continue reading

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Monkeys and Tails

Sometimes, poems do reveal just their tails. Then I nudge gently To figure out what’s in front. You blink for a moment And it may be gone. Pull too hard And it will run away. This one was fuzzy and … Continue reading

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Lesser Pain

I heard a little girl raging through the house and hit the littler ones, scratching, her small hand, lesser pain under her fingernails, lesser pain than that which leaked out in bruises on her legs and arms Left by her … Continue reading

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