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Senses of Love

How else would you decide to try to lick your elbow upon an early morning, or measure thumb against your middle finger when he shouts: mommy, look, they are same size! And would you hear the souls of streams in … Continue reading

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How we dream

When we forget heavy dreams, We dance in luminous light. In January’s sparkle, Where crystals fell in bucketfuls And reflected light in all directions, Like us, gleaming, flickering, Painting sundogs – halo around the sun. And the young mare pulls … Continue reading

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A Dusk of Doing Nothing

“Day, Mary!” he said, putting a finger lazily to the brim of his hat. “And how are you keeping?” Mary Poppins looked up from her knitting. “None the better for your asking,” she said, with a loud sniff. Jane and … Continue reading

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