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Thank You, Lord, for the Rain

Thirty Springs of Winter The winds swept in as we sat under the pines and listened to the green ocean high above, swaying, roaring, twirling our hair and the heads of the Ponderosas into one giant tangled mess. This ocean … Continue reading

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For the Love of Big Skies

From Arizona, with love. 🙂 This is not the amazing David Muench and his portrayal of beautiful Arizona, but my first attempt to capture and share some breathtaking views with you: Watson Lake, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Sedona Red Rocks. Arizona, the … Continue reading

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The Wind on the Baltic

The crow flew by and the feather dropped; And the boy took the feather, To write prayers in sand. The winds left the sea and they kissed the sands, and the words dissolved, and the feather flew, and the birches … Continue reading

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May in Lithuania

We climb the greenest hills to listen to a cuckoo bird. And doodlebugs in giant swarms, Children’s delight. Bird cherries dressed in bride-like white with lilacs by the side of drying clothes on lines like prayer cloths above the crumbled … Continue reading

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Love is Everywhere


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Bird Songs

Sing a song of happiness, With pocket full of cry. Four and twenty poems, Drawn on winter’s sky. When the spells were broken, The words began to dance. Wasn’t that a noble feast To jump and take a chance. Men … Continue reading

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Untidy Math

On a bus to the city ten men, One sleek haired lady, two schoolgirls. Four men in suits, six in khakis: a forty-sixty split. Two working on laptops, six on cell phones One looking into distance, One talking to the … Continue reading

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To Know and To Feel

“One stormy autumn night when my nephew Roger was about twenty months old I wrapped him in a blanket and carried him down to the beach in the rainy darkness. Out there, just at the eve of where-we-couldn’t-see, big waves … Continue reading

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I Hope You are Skipping

I hope you are skipping through clouds Toes dipped in cottony candy And when they move apart like ice floats in the warming Arctic, Sun coming in, you whirl right through, so free I hope you are skipping in pebbles … Continue reading

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