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May in Lithuania

We climb the greenest hills to listen to a cuckoo bird. And doodlebugs in giant swarms, Children’s delight. Bird cherries dressed in bride-like white with lilacs by the side of drying clothes on lines like prayer cloths above the crumbled … Continue reading

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Love is Everywhere


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Happy Springing

Happy Meteorological Spring! Photos above from last April in northern Illinois. ~~~

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Hanshan once stood atop the Cold Mountain looking up, singing: Naked branches have clouds for leaves. This winter we looked down and caught them sporting sticky ice bubbles for leaves on slick frost-polished branches and elastic ripples of river melt … Continue reading

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Cures for Winter Blues


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Why the Bird Sings

With the freshest dawn he swoops in The red cardinal and sings his songs Sometimes I forget to listen and think: is he singing of restlessness or happiness? Then quickly he is gone And I am still thinking While the … Continue reading

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A Sight Like no Other

They say you should see the seven wonders of the world, The Louvre, Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon and Machu Picchu…. I’m watching baby calf pounce in tender growths of spring It’s a sight like no other ~~~

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Already a Poem

You are already a poem, Big as a whale’s song, Small as a whisper of an ant. A scribble in my notebook Impossible to decipher. Many tried to figure you out, to chase you, hold you, lock you in the … Continue reading

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